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Executions in the State of Missouri follow the current federal standard in that someone can only be convicted of murder, treason, espionage or other terrorist activities in order to face the possible penalty of execution. Since 1989, all convicts who have been executed were convicted of murder.

Convict Date of Execution Victim Governor
Bannister, Alan Jeffrey 24 Oct 1997 Darrell Ruestman Mel Carnahan
Basile, Daniel Anthony 14 Aug 2002 Elizabeth DeCaro Bob Holden
Battle, Thomas Henry 7 Aug 1996 Birdie Johnson Mel Carnahan
Blair, Waler Junior 21 Jul 1993 Kathy Jo Allen Mel Carnahan
Bolder, Martsay 27 Jan 1993 Theron King Mel Carnahan
Brown, Vernon 17 May 2005 Janet Perkins and Synetta Ford Matt Blunt
Byrd, Maurice Oscar 23 Aug 1991 Judy Cazaco, James Wood, Edna Ince and Carolyn Turner John Ashcroft
Chambers, James Wilson 15 Nov 2000 Jerry Lee Oestricker Roger B Wilson
Davis, Ralph E 28 Apr 1999 Susan Davis Mel Carnahan
Ervin, Tomas Grant 28 Mar 2001 Mildred and Richard Hodges Bob Holden
Feltrop, Ralph Cecil 6 Aug 1997 Barbara Ann Roam Mel Carnahan
Foster, Emmitt 3 May 1995 Travis Walker Mel Carnahan
Gilmore, Goerge Clifton 21 Aug 1990 Mary Luella Watters John Ashcroft
Gray, Marlin 26 Oct 2005 Julie and Robin Kerry Matt Blunt
Griffin, Larry 21 Jun 1995 Quintin Moss Mel Carnahan
Griffin-El, Milton Vincent 25 Mar 1998 Jerome Redden Mel Carnahan
Grubs, Ricky Lee 21 Oct 1992 Jerry Thornton John Ashcroft
Guinan, Frank Joseph 6 Oct 1993 John McBroom Mel Carnahan
Hall, Stanley L 16 Mar 2005 Barbara Jo Wood Matt Blunt
Hampton, James Henry 22 Mar 2000 Frances Keaton Mel Carnahan
Harris, George Bernard 13 Sep 2000 Stanley Willoughby Mel Carnahan
Hunter, Bart Leroy 28 Jun 2000 Mildred and Richard Hodges Mel Carnahan
Johns, Stephen K 24 Oct 2001 Donald Voepel Bob Holden
Johnson, James R 9 Jan 2002 Deputy Sheriff Leslie B Roark, Pam Jones, Sheriff Charles Smith and Deputy Sheriff Sandra Wilson Bob Holden
Johnston, Timothy 31 Aug 2005 Nancy Johnston Matt Blunt
Jones, Donald 27 Apr 2005 Dorothy Knuckles Matt Blunt
Jones, William Robert Jr 20 Nov 2002 Stanley Albert Bob Holden
Kenley, Kenneth 5 Feb 2003 Ronald Felts Bob Holden
Kilgore, Bruce 16 Jun 1999 Mariln Wilkins Mel Carnahan
Kreutzer, Paul W 10 Apr 2002 Louise Hemphill Bob Holden
Larette, Anthony Joe 29 Nov 1995 Mary Fleming Mel Carnahan
Lasley, Frederick 28 Jul 1993 Janie Tracy Mel Carnahan
Leisure, David R 1 Sep 1999 James A Michaels Sr Mel Carnahan
Murray, Robert Anthony 26 Jul 1995 Jeffrey Jackson and Craig Stewart Mel Carnahan
Laws, Leonard Marvin 17 May 1990 John Seward John Ashcroft
Lingar, Stanley Dewaine 7 Feb 2001 Thomas Scott Allen Bob Holden
Mallett, Jerome 11 Jul 2001 James F Froemsdorf Bob Holden
Malone, Kelvin Shelby* 13 Jan 1999 William Parr Mel Carnahan
McDonald, Samuel Lee Jr 24 Sep 1997 Robert Jordan Mel Carnahan
Mercer, George 6 Jan 1898 Karen Keeton John Ashcroft
Nave, Emmett Clifton 31 Jul 1996 Geneva Roling Mel Carnahan
O'Neal, Robert Earl 6 dec 1995 Arthur Dale Mel Carnahan
Owsley, Michael I 6 Feb 2002 Elvin Iverson Bob Holden
Oxford, Richard 21 Aug 1996 Harold and Melba Wampler Mel Carnahan
Powell, Reginald Love 25 Feb 1998 Freddie and Arthur Miller Mel Carnahan
Ramsey, Roy Jr 14 Apr 1999 Garnett and Betty Ledford Mel Carnahan
Reese, Donald Edward 13 Aug 1997 James Watson, Christopher Griffith, John Buford and Don VanderLinden Mel Carnahan
Roberts, Michael S 3 Oct 2001 Mary L Taylor Bob Holden
Roberts, Roy Michael 10 Mar 1999 Tom Jackson Mel Carnahan
Rodden, James Edward Jr 24 Feb 1999 Terry Trunnel and Joseph Arnold Mel Carnahan
Roll, Gary Lee 30 Aug 2000 Sherry, Randy and Curtis Scheper Mel Carnahan
Schneider, Eric Adam 29 jan 1997 Richard Schwendeman and Ronald Thompson Mel Carnahan
Sidebottom, Robert T 15 Nov 1995 Mary Sidebottom Mel Carnahan
Six, Andrew Wessel 20 Aug 1997 Kathy Allen Mel Carnahan
Dkillicorn, Dennis 20 May 2009 Richard Drummond Jay Nixon
Sloan, Jeffrey Paul 21 Feb 1996 Jason Sloan Mel Carnahan
Smith, Gerald 18 Jan 1990 Karen Roberts John Ashcroft
Smith, John Clayton 29 Oct 2003 Brandie Kearnes and Wayne Hoewing Bob Holden
Smith, Samuel D 23 May 2001 Marlin May Bob Holden
Stokes, Winford L Jr 17 May 1990 Pamela Brenda John Ashcroft
Sweet, Glennon Paul 22 Apr 1998 Russell Harper Mel Carnahan
Tokar, Jeffrey Lane 6 Mar 2002 Johnny Douglass Bob Holden
Walls, Robert Allen 30 Jun 1999 Fred Harmon Mel Carnahan
Williams, Doyle James 10 Apr 1996 A H Domann Mel Carnahan
Wise, Jessie Lee 26 May 1999 Geraldine Mcdonald Mel Carnahan
Young, Mose Jr 25 Apr 2001 Kent Bicknese, James Schneider and Sol Marks Bob Holden
Zeitvogel, Richard Steven 11 Dec 1996 Gary Wayne Dew Mel Carnahan

*Kenneth Shelby Malone was also sentenced to death by the State of California.

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