The following are the forts of Missouri. As I find histories, residents, battles, important events and other material I will make a page for them. If you happen on such information and would send me a link, I would really appreciate it.

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Camp Adams

Alexander Barracks

Anderson's Fort

Arrow Rock Fort

Fort Bankhead

Beaver Station Fort

Beckwith's Forth

Belle Fontaine Barracks

Cantonment Belle Fontaine

Fort Belle Fontaine

Benton Barracks

Fort Benton

Best's Fort

Bird's Point Fort

Black Snake Hills Post

Blanchette's Post

Boone's Fort

Buckhart's Fort

Buffalo Fort

Fort Bunker

Calloway's Fort

Cap au Gris Fort

Cape Giraudeau Defenses

Cape Giraudeau Forts

Fort Carondelet

Castlio's Fort

Camp Cavender

Fort Celeste

Fort Charette

Camp Clark

Fort Clark

C Clark's Fort

Clarksville Stockade

Camp Clemson

Fort Clemson

H Cole's Fort

S Cole's Fort

Coontz's Fort

Cooper's Fort

Fort Côte sans Dessein

Cox's Fort

Camp Crittendon

Fort Crowder

Fort Curtis

Fort Davidson

Camp Defiance

Fort Dette

Fort Detty

Fort Don Carlos

Femme Osage Fort

Fiery Prairie Fort

Camp Fremont

Camp Galliard

Camp Gamble

Gilbert's Fort

Fort Girardeau

Camp Gratz

Grooms' Fort

Fort Hamer

Camp Hard Times

Hartville Fort

Head's Fort

Fort Hempstead

Fort Henry

Fort Hovey

Fort Howard

Howell's Fort

Fort le Huiller

Camp Hunt

Fort Independence

Fort Insley

Camp Jackson

Fort Jefferson

Jefferson Barracks

Camp Jennison

Johnson's Fort

Journey's Fort

Kennedy's Fort

Kinkead's Fort

Kountz's Fort

Camp Krekel

Fort Lawrence

Lawrence Mill Fort

Le Sieur's Post

Lester's Fort

Liberty Arsenal

Camp Lillie

Linbourn Site

Fort Lookout

Lorimont Post

Camp Lyon

Fort Lyon

McClain's Fort

McCoy's Fort

Camp McCulloch

McDermit's Fort

McLain's Fort

McMahan's Fort

Fort Madison

Fort Mason

Fort Matson

Camp Miller

Cantonment Miller

Fort Mulligan

New Madrid Forts

New Madrid Post

Old Round Stone Fort

Fort Orleans

Fort Osage

Camp Ozark

La Petite Prairie Post

Fort Peruque

Fort Pike

Pond Fort

Portage des Sioux Blockhouse

Quick's Fort

Red House

Reed's Blockhouse

Robideaux' Post

Roi's Fort

Roy's Fort

Fort St Charles

St Charles Armory

St Charles Blockhouse

St Charles Post

Fort Ste Genevieve

Fort St Joachim

St Joseph Post

St Louis Arsenal

St Louis Civil War Defenses

St Louis Mounds

St Louis Trading Post

Fort San Carlos

Fort San Carlos del Misuri

Fort San Carlos el Rey

Fort San Fernando

Fort San Juan del Misuri

Fort San Luis de Ylinoa

Camp Sand Spring

Schofield Barracks

Fort Sibley

South River Fort

Spanish Fort

Springfield Civil War Defenses

Camp Stephens

Stout's Fort

Sturgeon Blockhouse

Talbot's Fort

Tebo's Fort

Thibault's Fort

Fort Thompson

Tibeau's Fort

Camp Tipton

Camp Totten

Towosahgy Site

Camp Union

Van Meter Site

Camp Vest

Waynesville Fort

White's Fort

Wilson's Creek

Wood's Fort

Fort Wyman

Fort Zumwalt

Zumwalt's Fort

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