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The judiciary plays a huge part in how each county is set up. Following is the makeup of the system, state wide. There is more to the judiciary than just the Judges, there are also the tax collecters, deeds, births and all those other legal things that we deal with in day to day life.

Currently Missouri has 405 judges and commissioners. There are seven Supreme Court judges and 32 appellate judges on the three geographic districts of the intermediate court of appeals (the Missouri Court of Appeals). In the trial courts throughout the state, there are 141 circuit judges, 193 associate circuit judges, and 32 commissioners and deputy commissioners.

In 1820 when Missouri became a state there were only 3 Supreme Court Judges. Then in 1872 the number increased to five and next it was 1890, to its present size of seven judges.

Chief Justice Richard B. Teitelman
Former Commissioners of the Supreme Court Former Judges of the Supreme Court
Judge George W. Draper III Judge Laura Denvir Stith
Judge Mary R. Russell
Judge Patricia Breckenridge
Judge William Ray Price, Jr.
Judge Zel M. Fischer


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