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As pages are built, the menu will grow and I would love it if you sent me what you have to share. This county is looking for an administrator and people to do research in the area. I can go to Nevada, however, I have a gas hog and would appreicate help with gasoline. Nevada is the county seat of Vernon county and the hot spot for finding information in the county.

Rivers: I'm including river's for the simple fact that in this part of the country, rivers were used for transportation (much more comfortable than walking! Faster too!). A canoe could hold as much if not more than a mule and they didn't have to be fed. River's are also used as landmark's when giving directions or in the formation of counties.

Mariton River is a small stream, 20 miles in length that is formed by the union of Drywood and Upper Drywood Creeks. It empties into the Little Osage.

Resources: Under resources you will find all the ordinary things and extra's.

Links: If you have a link to a genealogy site or if you would like to be listed as a professional researcher, please let me know.

History: There will be a history of all of the cities and communities in the county, of course, it will take a little time.

Now, for a couple of things that you don't usually find on a genealogy site, although it should be. We use a lot of methodology to identify photograph's and documents by the way they are written, and the way the people are dressed. We may see a rifle in a photo that will date it. Those methods will be included on this site.

This site will also show events taking place in the area and keep track of the re-enactments.

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